Sweet Anima,
We are in the hospital
They are trying to cure you of the diseases of your imagination
It’s making you thinner by the day

I understand
I used to be scared of the monsters in the closet too
and sirens that fly through open windows to steal my little brothers from their beds

But trust me
The country of woman is gentler and kinder
than the pit of childhood
Here the days are longer
And full of the color red that isn’t from blood or bruises

So Anima, I hope you understand
When I argue with you about going to school it isn’t because I don’t love you,
but I want you to hold on
Don’t disappear between the weight of the hello kitty sheets
Don’t fly into the technicolor of your television screen
Stay with me

I promise nothing beats
Howling at the full moon on a dusty blue sky
Or the first kiss of the soft insides of your arms with the warmth of another
Oh how you would sing and scream and laugh and laugh and laugh
All through the night

You’ll see.

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