Online Meditative Exploration: Our Bodies Know

Thursday, March 2nd at 7pm-8pm


PRICE: £8 / £6 concessions (inc. students and recent grads)

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As part of our R&D of Prayers for a Hungry Ghost, Saksi Bisou will be hosting an online healing circle ‘Our Bodies Know’ – facilitated by Anna Lau. She is an artist, re-searcher, writer, musician and facilitator weaving through terrains of ecological justice, culture and systemic change. As a doctoral researcher in the Critical Decade for Climate Change programme at University of East Anglia, she is writing a novel on the themes of loss and reconnection, narrating resonances and patterns across nested bodies, from the microbial to the more-than-human.

We will begin by coming together in a grounding and centering practice. 

From there, you will be guided through a small exploration of “hungry ghosts”. Through accessing your inner facilitator, you will move between roles of re(o)pressed and re(o)presser, compassionately supporting the “downed” parts within you to heal.

We will then open up a sharing, starting with Anna sharing a glimpse of her practice, through sharing a song that speaks of ancestry, roots and routes, through cycles of both trauma and healing that run the river through generations.

This practice aims to immerse you into the cultural somatic worlds that shape the patterns we carry and those it is possible to change. By reshaping stuck, repeating patterns, a lot can start to shift.