“Elisabeth Gunawan captivates… Her ability to shepherd the audience is matched only in the delicious way she leaves them stranded…”

-Angelo Irving, The Stage

b. 1993 Jakarta, Indonesia
New York University. BA Postcolonial Discourse. 2011-14.
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. MA Theatre Lab. 2019-20.
& The International School of the Hard Knocks™


Elisabeth Gunawan is a Chinese Indonesian actor, maker and performer based in London and Singapore. Her work explores the naked encounter between performer and audience, where the audience is watching as much as they are being watched. She is particularly drawn to transgression and contradictions, using blasphemy and myth to explore stories that go beyond the horizontal line of human drama to the vertical line of heaven and hell.

She has worked as a performer and deviser with the David Glass Ensemble, Flabbergast Theatre and Ad Infinitum. Her solo bouffon piece Unforgettable Girl, co-produced with Created a Monster was a finalist for the OFFFest award at VOILA! Festival. For the period of 2021-2022, she is a resident artist at the Grotowski Institute.

Elisabeth has studied and collaborated with many pioneers and award-winning directors including David Glass, Matej Matejka, Madeline Sayet, and the late Mary Overlie. Her past body of work includes collaborations  with various theatre companies and artists in North America (East West Players, Mad and Merry) and Singapore (Pink Gajah Theatre, Method Productions). 

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Mark Norfolk
108 Leonard Street, London EC2A4XS