Mythical Storytelling

Online Workshop

“First, CONFRONTATION with Myth … Putting on its ill-fitting skin to perceive the relativity of our problems, their connection to the “roots” and the relativity of those “roots” in the light of today’s experience.”

-Jerszy Grotowski

Online Workshop

Monday, October 11 at 5.30pm – 7.30pm (UK) / 12.30pm – 2.30pm (NY)

8 places only

Fee: £10 / £5 (concession, inc. students and global majority)

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In this workshop, we will explore how everything we create as artists comes from a questioning of the world and a consequence of our history – myths begin from the ‘stories we tell ourselves’

We will journey together to make our bodies available to intuition and imagination, we will lower our judgments on ourselves and each other, and we will reflect on both our lives and our art. We will combine reflection, imagination and observation of the present moment, allowing the mind and heart to expand the possibilities of image making. We will delve into the rich mythological world inside of ourselves, and bring it out through creative manifestations like our writings and drawings. Although I will be facilitating your process of reflection and creation, they will be individual journeys in which you teach yourself.

This seed has the potential to create theatre that is mythical, that awakens the imagination and allows us to collectively reach beyond the horizontal line of human drama and into the vertical line of heaven and hell: we will discover the comic and tragic, the mythic and the banal, the beautiful and ugly spaces on that axis. 

This workshop is associated with Unforgettable Girl, a new dark comedy produced by Created a Monster running at Voila! Festival on November 20-21, 2021. This project has been generously supported by funds from Arts Council England.


  • Lowering judgment and awakening the energetic body
  • Uncovering personal stories and adapting them into myths and performative pieces, with respect and awareness
  • Experiential journeys into our own experiences and values


  1. Gentle stretch and warm up – we start with the body to prepare ourselves to give over to our imagination. We will work through some gentle yoga and stretches to transition from the noise of our everyday world into the ambiguity of the lying down world.
  2. Imagination / Meditation – you will go on a journey into your imagination, your desires, your curiosities – we will do so with gentleness, lightness and a sense of play.
  3. Creation / Reflection – in life as in art, we will transition from our imagination back to our awareness, transforming the delightful things we find into creative expressions, whether it is just for yourself, your loved ones or in your professional work.


  1. A notebook/papers/surfaces and various things to write/draw with (pen, pencil, and preferably also other media like color pencils, markers, pastels, even lipstick!)
  2. An open mind and an impulse to create work


My work derives from my practice as a yoga teacher, and our ongoing research in applied theatre and movement research with theatre masters including Mary Overlie, David Glass, Matej Matejka and various practitioners under Grotowski’s tutelage. My research in mythical storytelling has been hosted and supported by the Arts Council Developing Your Creative Practice grant and he Grotowski Institute in Poland. My work is driven by the question “Who am I?”—the conscious individual is consistently engaging in a profound questioning to live their lives with self-awareness and creativity.

Elisabeth Gunawan

I use these same processes every day in trying to create stories and theatre that is visceral, engaging and can touch people. As a young woman and as an artist, I am always adapting, led by the questions “Who am I? What do I want? How can I give?” I hope these insights can help you as well.