In the making of our performance ‘Promised Land’, we teamed up with the visual artist Yi Wei Xu, who documented the rehearsals and performances through life drawing. Her practice delves into the individuality of our perception and imagination and question how ephemeral experiences of theatre can leave long lasting marks on the witnesses.

It takes a lot of courage to come to another country with a different culture, almost reversed logic of language, lifestyle. I’m lucky to survive with the hope of achieving a dream, even though it takes such a long time to settle physically and mindfully. I can’t help thinking whether I made the right decision. It’s too far away from home, but the’ Promised Land’ might not be the place I was raised, or familiar with. I’m still seeking, especially for my mind and heart. I’m walking in the middle of the mist—what behind me is a storm that is formulated by nostalgia of the past, memory, love, hate; what I’m facing is an unpredictable adventure, a journey of finding out who I am.

-Yi Wei Xu, visual artist

To learn more about Yi Wei Xu, you can find her on her website or Instagram.

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