sākśī bi.sou

sākśī (Malay, Bahasa, Tagalog): witness / bi.sou (French): kiss
sākśī bi.su (Bahasa): a silent witness

sākśī bi.sou is the collaboration between creators Elisabeth Gunawan and Jack Parris, who met during their time at RADA and have since come together to create visceral and immersive theatrical experiences that focus on our most intimate senses. Saksi Bisou has been critically acclaimed internationally and produced by the Electric Dreams Online Festival, Bloomsbury Radio and Knaive Theatre.

Created by Saksi Bisou

MR. BLUE (2020)
Created by Saksi Bisou and filmmaker Ian McNaught Davis

“It’s easy to fall into the lull of Gunawan and Parris’s voices… Their sensual, lilting words giving us almost a tangible sensation on our skin with every sentence. … There is a deliberateness to the language that helps construct the world they want to bring us into, and allows our imagination to run wild.”

Our Trilogy of Works


The world has ended, and the only thing left standing is a microphone in the last theatre on earth. The music is a requiem to the things we have destroyed as a human race, and a hopeful challenge to everyone about our legacy to those who come after us.


In the dark pit of a coal mine, a little boy releases a canary from its cage. Grateful for her freedom, the fate of these two souls become intertwined as they are reincarnated. Darling is a love story told through a series of letters, phone calls and dispatches crossing divergent lives, continents and zeitgeists.


The ultimate chapter in our trilogy begins with a barren couple—she is a computer engineer, and he is a musician. Unable to bear a child of flesh and blood, they choose instead to conceive a piece of artificial intelligence named Rose. This is a story that struggles with our incessant desire to create, and about our feeble attempts to be immortal in the face of death and destruction. This is a story for a time that feels like “the end of times”, we tune together to the cycles that bind us—of day and night, seasons passing, creation and destruction.

“Magical, evocative, dripping with end-of-days melancholy … This is an aural feast of poetic magnitude.” -Daniel York Loh

What Our Audiences Have Said

“Beautiful work … Expressing that which is so very hard to express: love in this terrible and beautiful time.” 
(David Glass,TMA award-winning theatre director)

“It made me think about moving to the U.S., the return visit, the kind of liminal aspect (like I was torn into two different people) that has existed ever since inside of me. Through feeling closer to you, I felt a bit closer to an internalised metacognitive (whatever term you want to use) side of me.
(anonymous, New York)

Beautiful poetry and soundscapes.”
(Paul Arditti, Olivier award-winning sound designer)

“There was darkness, but the music brought light and hope. I felt like I was with you, presence and spirit. Unexpected tears rolled down my cheeks – an overwhelming unplanned spark of creative yearning. Thank you.”
(anonymous, Los Angeles)

I felt rather than followed, swam rather than saw” (anonymous, Singapore)

“Was wonderful to be transported somewhere totally different. A very welcome break from my flat and a journey somewhere else entirely.” (anonymous, London)

“This is incredible. I think you’ve ruined online theatre for me…” (anonymous, Berlin)