“ Vivid… Impressive and Evocative.” 
-The Reviews Hub

...Makes the imagination run wild.” 

The world has ended, and the only thing left standing is a microphone in the last theatre on earth. The music is a requiem to the things we have destroyed as a human race, and a hopeful challenge to everyone about our legacy to those who come after us.

Part beat poetry and part radio play, Stampin’ in the Graveyard is an immersive 40-minute audio journey that invites the audience to experience the apocalyptic world of the last theatre on earth — your own imagination. From the comfort of their own home, with only a device and headphones, we transport the audience to a whole other world that is at once apocalyptic and nostalgic.

We are now developing Stampin’ in the Graveyard into a live piece of theatre titled Promised Land.

Created and Directed by Elisabeth Gunawan
Music and sound by Jack Parris
Short film Mr. Blue by Ian McNaught Davis

With Support From

MR. BLUE (2020)
Created by Saksi Bisou and filmmaker Ian McNaught Davis

Audience Reactions

“It made me think about moving to the U.S., the return visit, the kind of liminal aspect (like I was torn into two different people) that has existed ever since inside of me. Through feeling closer to you, I felt a bit closer to an internalised metacognitive side of me.” (anonymous, New York)

Unexpected tears rolled down my cheeks – an overwhelming unplanned spark of creative yearning. Thank you.” (anonymous, Los Angeles)

“This is incredible. I think you’ve ruined online theatre for me…” (anonymous, Berlin)