Unforgettable Girl

September 21-26, 2021 at 7.30pm
The Golden Goose Theatre, London

” Hilarious and Disturbing.”

-Daniel York Loh / Writer, Actor, Activist

” Funny and Haunting. A piece with heart and an authentic voice.”

-David Glass / TMA award-winning theatre director

” A work of depth and beauty …”

-Kristine Landon-Smith / Olivier award-nominated director

Money can’t buy love, but with GBP 19.99/month, you can have Vaccine—a mail order bride (delivered straight from the village of Hanoi, island of Bali, Palawan province, Thailand )to cure you of the deadlier pandemic that has plagued us for longer: loneliness. This is the journey of one lost child, how a lonely street girl ventured to become an unforgettable girl. Unforgettable Girl questions what lies beneath what you see, and examines how the world turns some women into “homo-sacer” – “accursed” humans who are irredeemable by justice, freedom and love.

Co-produced with Created a Monster
Directed by Simon Gleave and Briony O’Callaghan
Designed by Charlie Wood / Sound by Richard Durning

Unforgettable Girl was first presented as part of the Bloomsbury Festival’s 2020 NEW WAVE programme, where it was enthusiastically received. Prior to that, Unforgettable Girl has been conceived and developed at RADA’s MA Theatre Lab and with East West Players in Los Angeles.

” Enriching and correctly painful… This is innovative work.”

-Peta Lily / Founder of Dark Clown

” Unforgettable, terrifying and hilarious … Transformative and mythic.”

-Ian Morgan / Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Audience Reactions

“A million times more entertaining than Netflix!” (Maisie, Southend)

“Truly one of the best theatrical pieces I have ever seen.” (Karina, Berlin)

“Astonishing.” (Ruby, Brighton)

“Sensational.” (Aimee, Kent)

“Raw, intriguing, electric!” (Varshini, London)